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Friday, May 09, 2008

Healthy Earth Friendly Lawns

Growing a healthy, earth-friendly lawn
Photo by Bess Mendiola

Leukemia or a Weedless Lawn?

This was the headline of an article from today's Care2 newsletter. Annie B. Bond writes about something big that has happened in Canada, and she’d love it if we would all celebrate by urging our state governments to follow the Canadians’ lead.

The provinces of Ontario and Quebec have both banned the use of cosmetic pesticides! These are the type you put on your lawn and spray on your rose bushes.

Astonishingly, Annie writes, Home Depot is listening and voluntarily stopping the sale of traditional pesticides in Canada and replacing them with eco-friendly versions.

I agree with Annie that this is big news because the reason for this action is to protect the health of pregnant women and children. Research shows that children who are exposed to pesticides and herbicides have a higher risk of leukemia, among other things.

According to Organic Style magazine, You can have an organic lawn that is lush and lovely, and there are so many reasons to go natural. Pesticides and herbicides are linked to neurotoxicity, birth defects, cancers, organ damage and more.

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